This page will be about what's going on in my thoughts, my life, my schedule, my plans and my calendar.

Classes that are cancelled will be bolded.

This page will be change weekly so please refer to it when wanting to know about this or that and what may not be on regular class or events pages. 

First let me post classes that will be cancelled. No classes: 

Saturday and Monday February 18 and 20. It is President's weekend holiday and I will be dancing, judging and playing percussion at BDUC in Long Beach. The following weekend Saturday February 25 Yasmin Henkesh will be teaching a Zar workshop in my studio, so no class then. In April I will not teach Saturday April 1 and April 8 because Sahra will be in studio leading her Journey through Egypt courses. In July I will not teach the week from July 8-15 as I will be teaching and performing at Mendocino Middle East Camp in the woods. No classes on July 22 because I will be working the Side Show at Carnival of Stars in Alameda. No class on Halloween, Tuesday October 31 - too distracting. As of now - that's my cancellation schedule. Please check this occasionally as dates may change (or be added to).

Eventually I will post what else is going on that is foremost in my plans and also may not be found elsewhere on this site. I hope you will enjoy this page - find it informative (especially the class cancellations) and know what's going on with me and my dance and music world. 

Feb. 2, 2017 - First - want you to know that I am still struggling with how to use this website. I got a new computer and a new phone to help me with my outdated brain and technology. My old computer may have crashed - won''t even light up  and it's connected to my old web and my scanner/printer. Or maybe it's just unplugged. One day I'll check. So now l am working with bare minimum and don't even have capability to crop photos or even find them to crop. Don't know how to use this web program - I am used to my old Dreamweaver program and it just doesn't work the same. Tried to go the back side and do a little html (that I really don't know either, but could at least trial and error cut and paste) and can't do that either. I am behind in fulfilling a few deadlines with the SFIAF show at Fort Mason May 28 but can't do it because of my dinosaur abilities and lack of proper apps. They think I'm a flake - I'm really not - just don't know what I'm doing...YET!!!! Soon, I will get it together - inshallah. So, please be patient. I'm a slow learner but soon. l promise. Well - gotta go for now. And very soon, this page, at least will be a fun and informative page - almost like a blog. In the meantime - please check back occasionally and be patient. Thanks.