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From the Sala* to the Stage to the Silver Screen

  • Amina's Studio 829 Elizabeth Street San Francisco, CA, 94114 United States (map)


The Awalim of Mohammad Ali Street and Public Entertainment

-Follow the trail of Bamba Kashar, Shafiqa al-Qabtiyya, Mounira al-Mahdiyya, Fathiyya Ahmad and more

-Jump on the stage with Naguib al-Rihani and Sayyid Darwish

-Follow Isma'il Yassin and Zinat Sedki into the cinema with Farid al-Atrash leading the way for Tahiyya, Samia and Naima. 

-Enjoy the cabarets and nightclubs of Sohair and Nagwa which featured one the last of the awalim, Nadia Hamdi. 

This workshop will lead you through the Golden Age of Egyptian dance and music as it morphed from Ottoman/Arabic to modern music and dance during the Great War (WW1), the 1919 revolution, World War II and the 1952 revolution. 

Follow the trail and learn the roots of modern Egyptian style belly dance and music. Understand that there is meaning, substance and history behind the steps.  In this workshop you will learn how, where and why to apply this substance. 

Taught by Sherifa Zuhur, Ph.D.  and Amina Goodyear 

A *sala meant a music and entertainment hall.

Workshop at Amina's Studio 829 Elizabeth St. San Francisco, CA

Sunday March 25, 2018 from 11 am -5:30 pm with 1/2 lunch break (best to bring lunch)

Workshop includes videos, lecture, music, song and rhythm breakdown, and dance. All focusing on movement, music and dance from the Golden Era of Egyptian dance.

Early bird $75 by March 1 -  Late bird $85 from March 2

Checks to Aswan Dancers 829 Elizabeth St. San Francisco, CA 94114 or 

Paypal to - Please add $3 fee 

Then follow us to Al Masri for an evening of entertainment inspired by the music and dance from the days when Ezbekiya Park and the El Dorado ushered in the Golden Era of Egyptian music and Dance. 

Performance by Samrah/Sherifa and Amina 

The Pasha Band - The Aswan dancers - Workshop participants 

Sherifa Zuhur,  author or contributing editor of 18 books,  with a PhD in history of the Middle East, MA in Islamic Studies and BA in Arabic and Arabic Literature and Political Science and a Fulbright scholar in both Syria and Egypt, is also known as Samrah the dancer. 

As Samrah she has performed in Egypt, Beirut, Damascus, Amman, Europe as well as the U.S.  in both raqs sharqi and folkoric styles. 

She was a member of Jamila Salimpour’s original Bal-Anat Ensemble, director and choreographer of Amwaj I and Amwaj II, member of the Egyptian National Dance Ensemble, the American University in Cairo Dance Ensemble and the Layalina Dance Ensemble. 

Amina Goodyear danced at the Bagdad Cabaret (and the Casbah) from the '60's to the '80's during San Francisco's  golden era of Middle Eastern dance. She is known for her many projects and staying power. The Aswan Dancers (since 1975), The Cairo Cats, the Salamat Sundays and the Arabian Knights Band, Caravan Band, the Giza Club (since 1990) and the Giza Academy Awards are only a few of the personal troupes, bands and organizations  that she founded or co-founded. 

She is also recognized for her contributions to furthering the dance, music and culture receiving a lifetime achievement award from NYC's American Academy of Middle Eastern Dance 1994. 

Amina is a passionate collector of all genres of Egyptian film and music and loves to share her knowledge of dance, music and culture in her classes, the Giza Club, workshops and themed shows.