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Drum and Dance Workshop

Susu and Amina of the Cairo Cats invite you to a very special Dancing Drums workshop on Sunday May 6 from 12-3 pm. Participate in the creation of  new drum dance composition. Dancers and drummers learn the traditional method of Question and Answer in a drum solo. Old school with a new twist. Drummers learn how a drum solo progresses into an exciting climax. Dancers learn how your hips and cymbals can lead a drummer. In this interactive class you will learn the insides of how a drum solo works from a dancer and a drummer point of view. Also learn the importance of spacing (physical and rhythmical) and why the rhythm Baladi is so important. Learn to solo with your drum, riq, duf, cymbals and hips. Opportunity  to later present your drum solo and also debut our new drum dance composition Gawaabni at Al Masri. Dancers, Drummers, You're welcome to use our drums, riqs, dufs and cymbals.  However, re hips - you have to bring your own.


Send $50 check to The Aswan Dancers 829 Elizabeth St. San Francisco, CA 94114. 


Paypal $53 to

Proceeds from this workshop go towards helping Sherifa al Zuhur PhD get to the World Congress of Middle East Studies in June. She will present a paper on the Moulid and the New Moulid, a portion of which was part of her research presented last October at Moulid Moods and Movements. Check her article in the menu under resources.

Later Event: June 9
Giza Club visits the Zar