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Moulid Moods and Moves

Sherifa Zuhur (Samrah) and Amina Goodyear

SATURDAY Oct. 28 12-2 pm - video clips and information about moulids - Amina's Studio 

2:30-6:30 pm - DANCE at MoBu Dance Studio, 1605 Church St. San Francisco

2:30-4:20 pm RURAL Style: Saidi, assaya stick, tahteeb, ghawazee and more

4:40-6:30 pm URBAN Style: moulid bellydance, Shaabi, mahraganat, spinning and more  

SUNDAY Oct. 29 1-4 pm:  Dance, videos and unique to moulid surprises at  Amina's Studio

SUNDAY 5:30 pm reconvene at and decorate Al Masri and/or ourselves

SUNDAY 7:30 pm: Zeffa and Celebrate a mini-version of Moulid Sayyid Ahmad al-Badawi as Moulid Masri at Al-Masri Restaurant, 4031 Balboa St. San Francisco 

Open to the public;  all-you-can-eat $25 buffet (drinks are extra charge) Reservations recommended. (415) 876-2300

(Dancers in the Moulid will receive the dancer discount)

 Sherifa Zuhur,  author or contributing editor of 18 books,  with a PhD in history of the Middle East, MA in Islamic Studies and BA in Arabic and Arabic Literature and Political Science and a Fulbright scholar in both Syria and Egypt, is also known as Samrah the dancer. 

As Samrah she has performed in Egypt, Beirut, Damascus, Amman, Europe as well as the U.S.  in both raqs sharqi and folkoric styles. 

She was a member of Jamila Salimpour’s original Bal-Anat Ensemble, director and choreographer of Amwaj I and Amwaj II, member of the Egyptian National Dance Ensemble, the American University in Cairo Dance Ensemble and the Layalina Dance Ensemble. 

Sherifa is currently working on Moulid Moods and Movements about the music and dance of Egypt’s moulid festivals.


Amina Goodyear danced at the Bagdad Cabaret (and the Casbah) from the '60's to the '80's during San Francisco's  golden era of Middle Eastern dance. She is known for her many projects and staying power. The Aswan Dancers (since 1975), The Cairo Cats, the Salamat Sundays and the Arabian Knights Band, Caravan Band, the Giza Club (since 1990) and the Giza Academy Awards are only a few of the personal troupes, bands and organizations  that she founded or co-founded. 

She is also recognized for her contributions to furthering the dance, music and culture receiving a lifetime achievement award from NYC's American Academy of Middle Eastern Dance 1994. 

Amina is a passionate collector of all genres of Egyptian film and music and loves to share her knowledge of dance, music and culture in her classes, the Giza Club, workshops and themed shows. 

Moulid Moods and Movements - a dance workshop and event - is her latest endeavor in sharing her ideas, experiences at moulids in Egypt and her personal and personally filmed collections. This workshop idea was sparked  through her researching shaabi music and falling in love with a "DJ Moulid" singer named Mahmoud el Leithy. 

Sherifa/Samrah and Amina hope to enrich your cultural and dance knowledge and technique through their collective experiences and teaching. 

Persons involved in workshops encouraged to sign up to dance moulid styled  dances at Moulid Masri

Early bird $75 to Sept 15

Late bird $85 to Oct 15

$95 from Oct 16 - Oct. 28 if space available

Mail Check to: The Aswan Dancers 829Elizabeth St San Francisco CA 94114

If PayPal add $3 -

$75=$78 -$85=$88 - $95=$98

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Moulid Moods and Movements is a unique event designed to teach you about the saints' festivals called mawalid; the Sufi organizations which spoonsor them, the poetry and ideas which they express; the genre of music called "moulid" which developed in Egypt from sha3bi and anasheed; the dances performed at mawalid and much more. It is an experience and a happening. We will take you through the ages from the beginnings to now. But we will concentrate on the moulids of Egypt when they were much looked forward to as anticipated fun, musical and chaotic events.



Workshop & Show

Saturday  October 28 and Sunday October 29, 2017

Moulid Sugar Dolls - Reda Troupe