Awalim from Mohammad Ali Street
11:00 PM23:00

Awalim from Mohammad Ali Street

The Awalim of Mohammad Ali Street and Public Entertainment Halls.

From the Sala to the Stage to the Silver Screen

Amina, Samrah, The Aswan Dancers and Special Guests will entertain you with a little bit of music and dance history, a little bit of poetic license and a whole lot of fun at Al Masri on Sunday March 25, 2018. The music will be recorded (as found on gramophones at the turn of the 20th century) and with the Pasha Band playing music with memories of the salat and Ottoman Empire and into the Golden Era of the Cairo stage and screen.


We'll take you on a music and dance trail of the awalim of Egypt according to our fertile imaginations, but based on fact.


If you want only the facts, come to the workshop at 11 am same day at Amina's studio.

$85 cash or check. Register with Amina at

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